Kathy Nelson

Many podcasts feature interviews with famous people. I am interested in telling the stories, or helping tell the stories, of ordinary women that work in STEM fields. Why do I find being ordinary in a STEM field extraordinary? Because there’s not many women in some of these fields and sometimes ordinary women have to push their way through stereotypes and biases to pursue a career in these fields.

I want to share with listeners what these different women do for their jobs so they can get an understanding of different STEM fields and what a typical day in the work-life of these women look like. Even though the first two episodes are electrical engineers that work in the utility industry, as do I, we all do vastly different jobs. This podcast is an opportunity to become more informed about what women do for jobs in STEM fields.

I also want to give listeners the opportunity to get to know these women. There are many stereotypes about people that work in STEM – nerdy, quiet, introverts that don’t have great personalities. I want to share these women’s personalities and lives outside of their jobs as well. What do they do for fun? Are their family lives any different than other’s because of their career choice.

This podcast is meant to be a casual conversation between myself, the interviewee and you, the listener – hopefully you will feel like you are sitting in on a casual conversation between friends and hopefully you will gain some insights into these ordinarily extraordinary women and their careers in the process.

I am hoping to bring authenticity to the conversation which means we will try not to discuss companies or employers so we can be as honest as possible. I hope you enjoy this podcast!

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