Episode 64 – Donna Loughlin is the Founder and CEO of LMGPR, a PR and corporate communications company that focuses with technology and innovation companies to help them develop PR strategies. She is also the host of the podcast “Before It Happened”, a podcast podcast featuring visionaries and the moments and events that inspired them. She has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Journalism.

Episode 63 – Andrea Harris is the Chief Empowerment Executive at Tools & Tiaras, an organization founded to expose girls (and boys) to the trades. She is also the co-host of the podcast Tradeswomen Talk, and in her spare time (a.k.a. her day job) she is a cement mason at the New York Fire Department. Andrea has been a cement mason for 25 years and wants to share the importance of the trades and the great opportunities is provides as a career.

Episode 62 – Gina Covarrubias works with people in STEM who are looking for some guidance and direction in their career path. She uses her own life experiences as a young aerospace engineer who never found the right fit in engineering to help others who find themselves in similar situations. She pivoted from engineering into a life coaching program and launched her business Deliberate Doing in Fall of 2019.

Episode 61 – Shailvi Wakhlu is a leader in data analytics. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and has been coding since she was eight years old. Shailvi shares her journey from computer engineering into data analytics and the importance of developing leadership skills.s.

Episode 60 – Sandy Marshall is the Founder and CEO of Project Scientist, a program designed to inspire young girls to consider STEM careers. Project scientist aims to nurture these future scientists to be tomorrow’s leaders and be change makers.

Episode 59 – Dr. Angelique Adams is an entrepreneur, scientist, engineer, mother, and philanthropist. She recently started her own company – Angelique Adams Media Solutions, LLC and is passionate about leadership and developing her team and now clients. She holds a PhD in Fuel Science, MS in Fuel Science, BS in Chemical Engineering, and an MBA from MIT.

Episode 58 – Becky Mueller is a crash test engineer – her dream job from the time she was 10 years old. She has BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and is passionate about saving lives through the work she does to improve vehicle safety.

Episode 57 – Jayshree Seth is a Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate at 3M. She has Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees and a PhD, all in Chemical Engineering.

Episode 56 – Sinenhlanhla Sikhosana recently received her PhD in Applied Mathematics with a research focus in Astrophysics. She also holds Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in Applied Mathematics and Pure Physics.

Episode 55 – Alana Esty has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biomedical Engineering. She uses data analytics in the healthcare industry to improve patient care. She is also the host of the podcast “Health Analytic Insights Podcast”.

Episode 54 – Gayathri Shukla works in digital transformation in the mining industry in Canada. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. She is founder of Campfire Kinship, an organization that uses story telling to help teams and individuals build empathy, find their strengths, and find belonging. Story telling is Gayathri’s super power.

Episode 53 – Evie Antholis is a Mechanical Engineer. She graduated in 2020 and began working during the pandemic. Evie shares her experience during college and her first year on the job. She is also interested in clothing design and sewing and we discuss how spacial relationships that we frequently think of in engineering terms apply in sewing as well.

Episode 52 – Megan has a Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry. After 11 years in the workforce, Megan made the decision to stay home with her two kids and later to home school them. They have lived on a houseboat in Ketchikan, Alaska and then spent two years traveling the continental US in an RV. Her chemistry degree provides a foundation for teaching, a passion for learning, and experimentation she brings to their homeschooling experiences.

Episode 51 – Most of us have had to deal with challenging work situations such as microaggressions, aggressions, harassment and others. In this episode, Dr. Tanya Hewitt provides insight and tools to equip us to better handle those situations. Tanya is the Founder and CEO of Beyond Safety Compliance and specializes in helping organizations become better, more effective work places. She has a PhD in Population Health and Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Physics – What a great combination!

Episode 50 – Jodi Bednar is an Energy & Utility consulting practice leader. She has been in the telecommunications and consulting industries for 30 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Management and a degree in Executive Management in the Women’s Leadership Program at Yale University. She shares her vast work and life experiences and the importance of being able to bring your whole self to work.

Episode 49 – Dr. Nicole Tschierske is passionate about helping overlooked women in STEM become influential, so they can confidently unlock new opportunities for themselves, get their employers saying “we need you on this job!” and make a bigger impact. As a Scientist and Positive Psychology Coach, Nicole helps her clients strategically turn their career frustrations into a renewed love for their work.

Episode 48 – Sheila Wells is a Telecommunications Engineer in the utility industry. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Informations Systems – Communications Technology. She has worked in the utility industry for 30 years and wants to encourage more women to go into the industry. Sheila has a deep passion for her career and life.

Episode 47 – Janet Phan works as a consultant in the intersection of technology and business in a global role in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. She is the Founder of Thriving Elements, a mentoring program for underrepresented girls in STEM. She has a book, “Boldly You” coming out this fall where she shares her experience growing up in America as the daughter of Vietnamese refugees. She is a keynote speaker and recently did a TEDx talk highlighting the importance of mentorship and how it shaped her life. In her spare time, Janet snowboards and surfs and makes fitness a primary component of her life.

Episode 46 – Stephanie Slocum iis the Founder and CEO of Engineers Rising, where she coaches to help them advance in their careers. She is the author or “She Engineers” and a keynote speaker. She is a professional engineer with master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Architectural Engineering.

Episode 45 – Alisha Arora is a research assistant at MIT, leveraging machine learning to diagnose mental health disorders. She is a co-founder of Hope Sisters, a non-profit dedicated to spreading hope to vulnerable people, she has been a page in her legislative assembly, and more. At 14 years old, Alisha’s mission is to help solve the world’s biggest problems using emerging technologies.

Episode 44 – Dr. Corey Hall is a STEM Curriculum Developer. She spent the majority of her career as a middle school librarian where she brought technology to life for her students and as a science and math teacher. Dr. Hall has a BA in Middle Education, a MS in Educational Technology, a Master of Library & Information Sciences in emerging technology, and a PhD in Education/Technology Management.

Episode 43 – Gretel Zwick is an assistant project manager who works in underground utility locating. She has a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management with an emphasis in surveying. She is passionate about surveying and about letting people know about surveying and what they do.

Episode 42 – Dr. Verima Peirera has a PhD in Medical Microbiology and Bacteriology from Hinduja Hospital and Research Centre and is doing post doctoral research studying Plasmodium Falciparum, a parasite that causes malaria.

Episode 41 – Maria Luchsinger has both a master’s and bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. For some time she was responsible of doing computer process simulations , but she also helped on the implementation of data analytics code to optimize production in chemical plants, while learning about the subject and doing some programming herself. Currently, she is focusing on that area sharpening her skills in data science and wants to also understand the relationship with process automation and control and the technical details to a successful deployment.

Episode 40 – Stephanie Espy is the Founder and CEO of MathSP, a STEM academic and test prep coaching company. MathSP is a STEM-focused academic and test prep coaching company based in Georgia and serving students and families nationwide. She is the author of STEM Gems, a book featuring 44 women in 44 different STEM fields with the goal of providing girls with role models to allow them to see themselves in STEM fields to close the gap with women in STEM. She has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT, a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering for University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA is Emory University. She is passionate about closing the gap in STEM.

Episode 39 – Thomas Waltower is the founder of Sisters -N- Technology, an organization that started in Minneapolis, Minnesota an after school program that focuses on coding and STEM for girls. Sisters-N-Technology’s mission is to engage young women in computer science and related IT fields. They are the only after school program in Minneapolis Public Schools that focuses on coding and STEM and are proud to be the 1st computer technology high school program in Minneapolis Public Schools. Sisters-n-Technology gives young women the technology skills they need to be successful in the classroom and beyond. Thomas Waltower is also an educator in the Minneapolis School District.

Episode 38 – Kelly Ireland is the founder and CEO of CBT, formerly CB Technologies. Her company focuses on providing premier customer service while simultaneously providing true work life balance and creating an environment that brings out the best in her team, both personally and professionally. She shares her experience and passions as a CEO in the technology industry.

Episode 37 – We all have a personal brand whether we consciously create one, or create one by default. Branding experts Chris O’Gorman and James Webster talk with former podcast guests Monika Murugesan & Toni Pankau about how they can develop or further their personal brand.

Episode 36 – Nancy Regan has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and founded The Force, a company focusing on Reliability Centered Maintenance. In addition to being an engineer and entrepreneur, she also holds six patents, is an author and a key note speaker.

Episode 35 – Katy Kolbeck is a retired electrical engineer. She spent 15 years of her career working as an electrical engineer at an engineering firm, and the last 15 years as the President and CEO of that same engineering firm. In retirement, she spends most of her time working with non-profit organizations addressing leadership and strategic issues, along with working on systems to provide clean drinking water for communities in rural Haiti.

Episode 34 – Judy LeStrange is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA working in the energy industry. Judy began her engineering career in a non-traditional way and shares her journey working on an assembly line and then as a meter reader while she went to night school to become an engineer and then get her MBA.

Episode 33 – Dr. Amanda Schnell is a Rheumatologist who recently began practicing medicine. She has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and exercise science. She went on to study internal medicine and then specialized in rheumatology.

Episode 32 – Sam Taylor is the author of “The Coding Workbook: Build a Website with HTML and CSS”, a book created to teach anyone how to build a website – without a computer. She has a Master’s degree in Curriculum Design and works as a technical curriculum developer.

Episode 31 – Shalini Aggrewal – is a PhD research scholar studying infectious diseases at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. She has a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and a master’s degree in biotechnology

Episode 30 – Sanya Mathura – BS in Electrical & Computer Engineer with an MS in Engineering Asset Management. She is an author and entrepreneur and is the Managing Director of Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd.

Episode 29 – Karen Flewharty – Electrical Engineer working in the utility industry as a Joint Use Manager. Karen shares her journey through what she calls her second career as an electrical engineer after going to school while working as a drafter.

Episode 28 – Emily McGavisk is an environmental and civil engineer working as a consultant in the utility industry. Emily has a passion for helping clients with their renewable energy strategies and grid modernization. 

Episode 27 – Anna Jackson – Aerospace Engineer & Physicist. Anna recently graduated with dual degrees and landed her dream job working with wind tunnels.

Episode 26 – StemSkills – Authentic Communications Workshop with Anthony Vincent Bova. Anthony works with 2 guests to identify a communication pain point and begins working with them on the podcast to eradicate it.

Episode 25 – Dr. Vivian Chan – Founder and CEO of Sparrho, a platform that democratizes science using augmented intelligence. Dr. Chan has a PhD in biochemistry, and degrees in biotech.

Episode 24 – Mimi Keshani – VP Operations at Hadean, at the intersection of science and technology

Episode 23 – Monika Murugesan – Product Manager, Electrical Engineer, Computer Engineer

Episode 22 – Katlyn Beck – Software Developer

Episode 21 – Nadya Bartol – Cybersecurity Executive

Episode 20 – Sara Whiteman – Neuroscientist

Episode 19 – Sandy Lerud – High School AP Calculus Teacher

Episode 18 – Toni Pankau – Civil Engineer, Transportation Industry

Episode 17 – Cassie Polman, Electrical Engineer – Substation Design, Engineering Management

Episode 16 – Dr. Lucy Dunne, Founder & Co-Director, Wearable Technology Lab, University of Minnesota

Episode 15 – Linda LaTourelle – Information Technology & IT Management

Episode 14 – Naadiya Moosajee – Civil Engineering, Entrepreneur, Global advocate for women engineers

Episode 13 – Abigail Fritschel – High School Graduate beginning her studies in Aerospace Engineering this fall

Episode 12 – Cristine Korowajczuk – Computer Engineering

Episode 11 – Vicki Coaty – Programs Director, High Tech Kids, Minnesota

Episode 10 – Alice Moy-Gonzalez – Electrical Engineer

Episode 9 – Beth Stone-Smith – Entomologist

Episode 8 – Taylor Ronnei – Electrical Engineer

Episode 7 – Tammy Schluender – Systems Analyst

Episode 6 – Sarah Livingston – Chemical Engineer

Episode 5 – Katherine Rasley – Electrical Engineer

Episode 4 – Liana Ault – Innovation Technologist

Episode 3 – Jackie Snyder – Science Teacher

Episode 2 – Tami Anderson – Electrical Engineer

Episode 1 – Kerry Livingston – Electrical Engineer

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