Episode 38 – Kelly Ireland

Kelly Ireland is the founder and CEO of CBT, formerly CB Technologies. Her company focuses on providing premier customer service while simultaneously providing true work life balance and creating an environment that brings out the best in her team, both personally and professionally. She shares her experience and passions as a CEO in the technology industry.

Episode Notes

Music used in the podcast: Higher Up, Silverman Sound Studio

Acronyms, Definitions, and Fact Check

CBT, founded by Kelly Ireland – At CBT, we are entrepreneurs and technologists. We are successful, passionate women and men who create integrated solutions to power our clients’ success. As a woman-owned Domain Expert Integrator, we consistently deliver innovation thanks to our first-class engineers, unrivaled client services, and strategic partnerships with the world’s finest providers of hardware and software solutions. (www.cbtechinc.com)

RPG III is a dialect of the RPG programming language that was first announced with the IBM System/38 in 1978. (wikipedia)

I could not verify many, multiple German words for poop.

While pole vaulting became a sport in 1850, it did not become an official women’s sport until 2000. (wikipedia)

Meg Whitman – an American business executive, former political candidate, and philanthropist. She is a board member of Procter & Gamble and Dropbox. Whitman was previously president and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. She was also the CEO of Quibi before its closure in October 2020. (wikipedia)

Antonio Neri – an Argentinian-American businessman who currently serves as president and chief executive officer of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. (wikipedia)

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – a generally perceived as a company that produces parts and equipment that may be marketed by another manufacturer. (wikipedia)

VAR (Value Added Reseller) – a company that adds features or services to an existing product, then resells it (usually to end-users) as an integrated product or complete “turn-key” solution. … By doing this, the company has added value above the cost of the individual computer components. (wikipedia)

SI (System Integrator) – a person or company that specializes in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together, a practice known as system integration. They also solve problems of automation. (wikipedia)

SheSpeaksBureau.org is an effort by passionate female tech leaders and startup founders to provide a platform to elevate the voices of Female speakers with special focus on Female speakers of Color.

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