Episode 59 – Dr. Angelique Adams

Dr. Angelique Adams is an entrepreneur, scientist, engineer, mother, and philanthropist. She recently started her own company – Angelique Adams Media Solutions, LLC and is passionate about leadership and developing her team and now clients. She holds a PhD in Fuel Science, MS in Fuel Science, BS in Chemical Engineering, and an MBA from MIT.

Episode Notes

Dr. Angelique Adams brings multiple decades of leadership experience and knowledge to our conversation. She shares her journey from being a scientist and engineer to starting her own company helping women develop leadership skills.

We discuss imposter syndrome, poker face, fuel science, living in France, the challenges of commuting overseas with children and so much more. We talk about skill sets that are needed moving from being an individual contributor to being in leadership and the importance of understanding other work cultures.

Music used in the podcast: Higher Up, Silverman Sound Studio

Acronyms, Definitions, and Fact Check


“You’re More Than a Diversity Hire: The Five Keys To Unlocking Your Full Potential”, by Angelique Adams.

Highest paid engineering fields in 2020: Big Data Engineering: Median Salary $155,000; Petroleum Engineering: Median Salary $132,280; Computer Hardware Engineer: $115,120; Aerospace Engineer: $113,030; Nuclear Engineer: $105,180; Systems Engineer: $103,800; Chemical Engineer: $102,160; Electrical Engineer: $97.970; Biomedical Engineer: $88,040; Environmental Engineer: $86,800. (https://online-engineering.case.edu/blog/highest-paying-engineering-jobs)

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