Episode 69 – Alana McNulty

Alana McNulty is the Chief Business Officer of at eFFector Therapeutics where she leads corporate development and business development. She has held various leadership roles including Chief Financial Officer, VP of Finance, Executive Director throughout her career. Alana has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Genetics and an MBA in Finance & Marketing.

Episode Notes

Alana shares how her background in biology and genetics provided a foundation for her career as she moved into finance and business roles within biotech companies. She developed an interest in the business aspects of biology and genetics toward the end of her Bachelor’s degree which inspired her to pursue an MBA.

Alana shares her experiences moving through various leadership roles, juggling being an executive and a mom of three (two of them twins). She prides herself on being an involved mother and shares some of the joys and challenges of corporate life, motherhood and trying to find a balance.

Music used in the podcast: Higher Up, Silverman Sound Studio

Acronyms, Definitions, and Fact Check

Data rooms are spaces used for housing data, usually of a secure or privileged nature. They can be physical data rooms, virtual data rooms, or data centers. They are used for a variety of purposes, including data storage, document exchange, file sharing, financial transactions, legal transactions, and more. (wikipedia)

Therapeutics are treatments used to alleviate or prevent a particular disease. (www.nature.com)

Biotechnology is the use of biology to solve problems and make useful products. (www.britannica.com)

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