Episode 74 – Dr. Mary Kinsella

Dr. Mary Kinsella, founder and CEO of Her Engineering Career, is a career strategist who works with women engineers to help them navigate their careers to confidently command greater influence and impact. Prior to founding Her Engineering Career, Mary spent 31 years at the Air Force Research Laboratory in engineering and scientific research roles. She has a PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering.

Episode Notes

Mary is passionate about helping women strategically navigate their engineering careers. She does this through developing technical competence, credibility and expertise; Finding and maintaining a career trajectory; Expanding leadership skills; Targeting promotion; Increasing confidence and risk tolerance; Mastering self-promotion and networking; and developing a big picture mindset.

She also hosts the podcast “Her Engineering Career” which provides insights and skillset tips for women engineers. She wants to help women stay in and be successful their engineering careers.

Music used in the podcast: Higher Up, Silverman Sound Studio

Acronyms, Definitions, and Fact Check

Mary’s website: www.herengineeringcareer.com

“Her Engineering Career Podcast”: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/her-engineering-career-podcast/id1573628370

“The Confidence Code”;, by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman.

Additive Manufacturing also known as additive layer manufacturing is the industrial production name for 3D printing, a computer controlled process that creates three dimensional objects by depositing materials, usually in layers. (wikipedia)

In May 2016 a new ‘office building’ was opened in Dubai. The 250-square-metre space (2,700 square foot) is what Dubai’s Museum of the Future project is calling the world’s first 3D-printed office building. In 2017 an ambitious project to build a 3D printed skyscraper in the United Arab Emirates was announced. (wikipedia)

In 2018, biomedical engineers from the University of Utah developed a method for 3D printing ligaments and tendons. The method involves first taking stem cells from the patient and printing them on a layer of hydrogel to form a tendon or ligament. This is allowed to grow in vitro in a culture before being implanted. (https://interestingengineering.com/doctors-can-finally-3d-print-human-tissue-ligaments-and-tendons)

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