Check out these great books from my podcast guests:

STEM Gems, Stephanie Espy

She Engineers, Stephanie Slocum (free signed book)

The Heart of Science, Jayshree Seth, PhD

The Coding Workbook: Build a Website with HTML and CSS, Samantha Taylor

Lubrication Degredation Mechanisms, Sanya Mathura (enter FLR40 for a discount of 20%)

You’re More Than a Diversity Hire, Dr. Angelique Adams

Career Coaching

Dr. Angelique Adams, Leadership development for diverse STEM professionals.

Nicole Tschierske, Into Action Coaching – Nicole focuses on helping clients find joy within their current companies.

Stephanie Slocum, Engineers Rising – Stephanie works with women in STEM on career and leadership training.

Monika Murugesan, Apex Specialist – Monika provides interview and product management coaching.

Life Coaching

Gina Corravubias, Deliberate Doing – Gina helps guide technical experts out of career despair. If you are confused, stagnant, or simply at a loss in your STEM career, she can help.

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