Welcome to Ordinarily Extraordinary

a podcast sharing the stories of ordinary women working in STEM.

About the host

I’m an electrical engineer who has worked in the utility industry for over 28 years. I love to share stories of women working in different STEM areas at different phases their careers. We all have amazing stories to tell, and I’m out to share them…one story at a time.

Recent Episodes:

Episode 97 – Saba Khalid

Saba works in Energy & Utilities Consulting. She has BS & MS degrees in Electrical Engineering.

Episode 96 – Ashley McDonald

Agriculture; Bachelor’s degree in Ag Econ; JD; VP of Sustainability, National Pork Board

Episode 95 – Lois Melbourne

Author, former co-founder & CEO of tech company

“Science is not a boy’s game it’s not a girl’s game. It’s everyone’s game. It’s about where we are and where we are going”.

– Nichelle Nichols

Recent STEMSkills Episodes:

Episode 98 – Wellness & Wellbeing

Lennis Perez is passionate about wellness and helping other women in STEM to stop putting themselves and their wellness last or as an afterthought to ensure they are being their best selves in all aspects of life. She shares how she works with individuals and corporations and we walk through some challenges I’m having and how she would potentially work with me to help me achieve my wellness goals.